• To satisfy the requirements and needings of customer on highest level,
  • To provide continuity of product quality with using high quality materials during each step manufacturing,
  • To follow the law and conditions of stakeholders and ensuring the adaptability due to changes of standards in a short period of time,
  • Providing awareness with fulfilling the training demand of personnel and reminding their importance with effective system process by the help of continuous improvement,
  • Preventing the accidents and creating a healthy and safe working enviroment,
  • To minimize the accidents and occupational diseases, exterminating the possible threats on origin in every process with defining threats and evaluating the risks,
  • To prevent any kind of pollution, perfoming the production in enviromental sensitive ways,
  • To minimize enviromental effects with controlling enviromental factors,
  • To use natural resources efficiently regarding to sustainable resource management principle,
  • Decreasing the waste level with preventation principle, to process according to reclamation and reuse principles and dispose the wastes with respect to safe disposal principle without any harm to enviroment,
  • To use products which are nearly harmless and can be recycled,
  • To increase the level of enviroment and occupational health awareness of personnel, suppliers and sub-contractors
  • To increase the performance and efficiency of Quality, Enviroment and Occupational Health Systems with continuous improvement principal,