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  • Satisfying the requirements and expectations of customers at the highest level,
  • Ensuring the continuity and conformity of product quality by using high quality materials,
  • Conforming the requirements of regulations and customers, to adapt firm’s capabilities in timely manner according to continuous development of standards at high level,
  • To provide competence and awareness to employees with ensuring trainings,
  • With continuous improvement, to remind employees’ self determination for providing active participation to system,
  • To prevent work accidents and occupational disease with performing improvements on work stations to achieve high standard working place,
  • Eliminate hazards at source and minimize accidents and diseases with performing risk evaluations in all areas around factory,
  • To prevent pollution by making enviromental friendly production,
  • To control the environmental aspects and to minimize the environmental effects,
  • Using natural resources effectively and economically with the principle of sustainable resource use,
  • With the principle of prevention, waste reduction at the source, recovery and reuse, and disposal of wastes without harming the environment with the principle of safe disposal,
  • Using recyclable products with the least harm to the environment,
  • Increasing the awareness of employees, suppliers and subcontractors on occupational safety and environmental issues,
  • To increase the efficiency and performance of the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System we have established by continuously improving.