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Human Resources

Our collaborators are a member of Emek Boru family with their valued and respected presence, with confidence of being surrounded by professional team members and enjoyment of open communication.

Human Resources Policy

Our respect to laws and ethical principles, transparent and sound management structure are core elements of our corporate identity. Our human resources policy aims to enable our collaborators to use their full potential by building a working environment which make them happy and enabling a proper career planning in line with these. All personnel here are encouraged towards leadership, responsibility, team work and development of imaginative ideas. Confidence and success of our collaborators make up our success and confidence.

Recruitment and Orientation

All applications to our company are carefully evaluated regardless of the means of delivery. Among those who are qualified for vacant positions and whose qualifications fit to our corporate identity are recruited. For a smooth adaptation of the new personnel, a planned orientation training is given at relevant departments.

Training and Development

In order to contribute to professional and personal development of our collaborators, training needs which will further improve skill and qualifications are defined their participations to such training programs are encouraged and supported.

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Emek Boru has a Career Management System which enables our collaborators at all levels who are ever developing their skills, willing to take responsibility and always realizing their targets to seize positions through which they may be useful and successful and which allow them have a vertical and horizontal development in their career.

Performance Management and Pricing

Performances of our personnel are evaluated in line with the goals and strategies of our company, and results are used as inputs in our development planning and career management processes.

For the purpose of determining a fair payroll policy considering the current salary levels Emek Boru applies a progressive salary management system based on the career level and work done.

Career Opportunities

Vacant positions are announced through channels such as Kariyer Net, Linkedin etc. and through our website. You may file your application through these channels or you may send your CV to ik@emekboru.com.tr address in MS Word document. All applications are properly treated confidential.