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Quality Control

Here in Emek Boru quality control covers all the activities starting from raw material and continuing with welding wire and flux ,covering all production processes till to transportation that guarantee  a 100% reliable production according to customer specifications and related standards .

Within the scope of quality system these activities  are carried out at three main stages including ; incoming materials, processes and finished product.

Incoming Material Inspection and Testing

  1. Visual and Dimensional Inspection
  2. Chemical Analysis
  3. Tensile Tests
  4. Sieve Analysis
  5. Abrasive Water-soluble Contamination Test
  6. Epoxy Powder Gel Time Test
  7. Epoxy Powder Thermal Analysis Test
  8. Adhesive and Polyolefin Melt Flow Rate Test
  9. Cement Additives Dry Material Content and pH Test

Process Inspection and Testing

  1. Visual Inspection and Dimensional Check
  2. Hydrostatic Test
  3. On-Line Ultrasonic Inspection
  4. Manual Ultrasonic Inspection
  5. Off-Line Ultrasonic Inspection
  6. Radiographic / Radioscopic Inspection
  7. Magnetic Particle Inspection
  8. Liquid Penetration Inspection
  9. Mechanical Laboratory Tests;
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Tensile Test
    • Weld Tensile Test
    • Guided Bend Test
    • Charpy Impact Test
    • Drop Weight Tear Test
    • Hardness Test
    • Macrographic Examination

Final Inspection and Testing

  1. Visual Inspection and Dimensional Check
  2. Abrasive Water-Soluble Contamination Test
  3. Surface Visual Inspection
  4. Surface Soluble Salt Test
  5. Surface Dust Test
  6. Environmental Conditions And Pipe Temperature Control
  7. DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter – Glass Transition Temperature Test
  8. Melt Flow Rate Test
  9. Holiday Test
  10. Wet And Dry Film Thickness Test
  11. Polyethylene / Polypropylene Peel Strength Test
  12. Polyethylene / Polypropylene Elongation At Break Test
  13. Impact Strength Test
  14. Indentation Test
  15. Cathodic Disbondment Test
  16. Hot Water Immersion Test
  17. Flexibility Test
  18. Hardness Test
  19. Chemicals Or Water Immersion Test
  20. Adhesion Test
  21. Compressive And Flexural Strength Test Of Cement Mortar
  22. Sand / Cement And Water/ Cement Ratio Test Of Fresh Mortar