Emek Boru is one of the most experienced companies in Turkey specializing in on-site production of port pile pipes.

Over the past 10 years, our mobile production solution has provided significant cost and time savings for numerous port construction projects.


PIPE PRODUCTION UP TO 60 METERS: We can produce single-piece pipes up to 60 meters in length, which are impossible to transport on the road.

FLEXIBLE PIPE LENGTH: We can produce pipes in flexible lengths that are not affected by sudden changes in project requirements due to sea depth and surface uncertainties where pile pipes will be driven.

NO SPLICING COSTS: Transporting long pipes from the factory to the construction site can be costly and time-consuming, as they need to be joined on-site. Our mobile production solution minimizes these costs.

MINIMUM TRANSPORTATION COSTS: With our mobile production solution, there is no transportation cost from the factory to the port area.

MINIMUM HANDLING COSTS: We eliminate handling costs after pipes are produced in the factory and after shipment. Pipes are handled once at the production site and then driven directly to the port area.

At Emek Boru, we’re proud to offer a mobile production solution that saves time and money while delivering high-quality results for port construction projects.


Çandarlı Port Projects - İzmir / TURKEY

Quantity: 89.164 MTon


Diameter: 70 inch


Thickness: 25 mm.


Material Grade: S355JR


Year: 2013

CENAL Power Plant Project - Çanakkale / TURKEY

Quantity: 31.045 Mton 


Diameter: 48 inch


Thickness: 24 mm.


Material Grade: S355JR


Year: 2014


Eti Copper Plant Port Project - Samsun / TURKEY

Quantity: 42.190 MTon

Diameter: 36 – 48 inch

Thickness: 14 – 20 mm.

Material Grade: S355J2

Year: 2021 – 2022