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Our Policy

  • Satisfying the requirements and expectations of customer changing continuously at the highest level,
  • Ensuring the continuity and conformity of product quality by using high quality materials,
  • Satisfying the applicable regulatory requirements and requirements of national and international standards,
  • Investing in human resources by providing for training of employees,suppliers and subcontractors,
  • Preventing occupational accidents and maintaining a healty and safe work environment,
  • Work accidents and occupational diseases to minimize, carry out hazard indentification and risk assesment of all our activities, eliminate hazards at source,
  • Preventing adverse environmental effects and consuming natural resources economical,
  • By respecting the environment to avoid the effects of our activities to the   environment,
  • Carry out waste minimization  in source with the principle of prevention, recycling  with the  principle of  recovery and reuse, disposal of waste without harming to the environment with principle of  safe disposal,
  • The least harm to the environment and  recycled product to buy.
  • To increase employees,suppliers and subcontractors  awareness of occupational safety and environmental issues.
  • Improving continuously the effectiveness of the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental  Management Systems is the policy of Emek Boru.